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Imagine a world where every child’s education is as unique as they are. Welcome to Alifpedia, where we make this vision a reality every day.

Discover a world of colorful, engaging activities that not only teach but truly inspire young minds to explore and grow.

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Why Choose Alifpedia?

  • Personalized Learning: Every child learns differently. Alifpedia adapts, offering tailored learning experiences that meet each child right where they are.
  • Engaging Content: With our vibrant animations and interactive lessons, learning feels more like play!
  • Built for Everyone: Whether you’re a parent looking to boost your child’s skills, a teacher seeking reliable resources, or an investor aiming to make a difference, Alifpedia is designed for you.

Ready to Explore?

  • Kids & Parents: Tap ‘Explore’ and watch your child’s love for learning to grow.
  • Teachers: Discover tools that will transform your classroom.
  • Investors: Join us on our mission to revolutionize education.

Our mission

At Alifpedia, we’re transforming the educational experience by making it accessible, engaging, and deeply enriching. We do more than ignite a passion for reading and storytelling; we empower children, educators, and parents alike.

Alifpedia revolutionizes education with our dynamic platform, perfect for kindergarten and elementary educators seeking to adopt inquiry-based learning (IBL). Enhance your teaching with our specialized IBL workshops and a suite of resources designed to foster critical thinking and creativity in young learners.

Parents and teachers can uncover our interactive content that promotes curiosity and personal growth, while actively engaging in children’s educational journeys.

Join Alifpedia—your partner in nurturing a generation committed to lifelong learning and innovation.

Our Vision

Alifpedia is more than an educational platform—it’s a transformative experience that redefines how children engage with key 21st-century skills. Here’s what drives us:

We empower children to take charge of their learning through engaging storytelling and interactive activities, fostering critical skills like creativity and problem-solving.

We inspire parents and educators to continuously learn and innovate, transforming them into active participants in the educational journey.

Alifpedia nurtures a community driven by curiosity, where learners are encouraged to question, explore, and contribute meaningfully to society.

Our curriculum promotes environmental awareness and social responsibility, preparing young learners to be conscientious global citizens.

Our Team

Visionary leader and innovative entrepreneur deeply committed to making a positive impact in education and technology. With a diverse background ranging from launching a patented children's product to spearheading an AI-driven educational platform,
Enis Ayari
Full-stack developer with a knack for creating scalable, secure educational platforms.
Ahmed Mihoub
Former International Baccalaureate PYP teacher and inquiry-based learning consultant, instrumental in crafting educational content.
Sabrine Mihoub
Digital Learning Manager
The developer behind Alifpedia, is a dynamic and passionate innovator with a strong foundation in mobile and VR/AR development, renowned for his rapid learning ability, dedication to skill enhancement, and profound love for coding.
Dhia Ben Feiza
Mobile Developer
Solutions Manager excelling in AI technology and Python, with a focus on innovating water purification and enhancing team leadership, demonstrating swift adaptability and a commitment to technological innovation.
Pioneering Solutions Manager
SEO and web development expert, proficient in technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, WordPress, and Python, dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth.
Feres Gharbi
Web developer and SEO
Digital marketing assistant and content creator, specializing in sectors like green technology, sports, and cosmetics. He excels in crafting targeted blogs, ad copy, and website content that align with client goals, driving market success. His strategic expertise extends to managing ad campaigns and Amazon tasks, making him a pivotal asset in any marketing initiative.
Dhia Zarrouk
Marketing Expert